The first one

well i had my first joint as  a kid bit i really did not know what, but i liked the style 'n kept on rollin down. 

then i had my first line of cocaine and i really liked that burning pain,

my face went numb for years alright.  

then a crack pipe ended up in my hand, it really blew out the rest of my head and i stayed up for days i don't know a thing.

but i am a big bad boy from a country-load I will not never ever show

And i will go down in flames i show you that baby

i cannot find no way to ease my pain..

oh lord please tkae me home

Alcoholic cowboy

hold on know,

you say I drink all the time

When I am home on my own

whatelse to do when you're gone

Now if you never wnt to believe me

Then we can never be what you want,

And if you never wanna come with me, then we're dying

Yeah I am the alcoholic cowboy I'm riding along wit my addictions

yeah I am the alcoholic cowboy, just tryin to get by my



they call me a wicked one,

maybe they don't see just who I am

now the seem to push me now,

over the cliff,

such desperate times

mama they call me the devils boy,

,mama they call me an evil one

so how do I overcome

the hatred that grows inside

and what happened to humanity,

now peace inside

is never guaranteed


I saw you walk away

and I had to die

now I the fool

just standing down

I remember your way

there's only on true love

so why did I loose 

you when

when i smiled the most

though I now you are

better world

Iremember your way

ther's always 

one true love


see them fools come crushin in they come here by the dozen, 

one by one they are flooding in and all they do is fighting, so i stay away now, 

and I don't speak their tounge

I rather be now 

with some people I can feel

now all they do is sit around and talk about their fuck-upps, I dont wanna be around and waste another  tear

so I stay away....


do you wanna feel me

do you wanna come on by

do you wanna see me

baby you are on my mind

do you wanna know me

baby you are out of time

do you need to save me

bay i don't want to lie

sometimes I think you are so cold

goin to lie and brakdown tonight

once I loved you and I raised you so high

it's just a cold morning blues inside

do you want to call me

baby it's been some time do you even need me

baby I don't see you try....


when I feel I have have no home,

and I can't breathe air down my lungs,

I will rise up, to say hello.

when  I fear I'm all alone and I can't see that ocean line i will rise up, for you my love and say hello

if I run where do I go when I fear I'm all alone

Oh I must rise up

to say hello

when I fear I can't go on

and my blood has....

I must rise up

for you my love,

I must rise up

to say hello


roll roll rollin rolling down the track

I'm goin somewhere

I'm never comin back

i got to teel you now

this time I'm gone

leavin you behind

I am so much clearer 

clearer than you think

Everytime you killed my soul 

ah you gave something

very cold

so you could hide me

just playin with my soul, i got to tell you know.

no more your show

I am the move

nowhere will find me

Everytime you try I let you so

rollin down the river, rollon, rollin

roll rollin on my track 

I 'm goin somehere I'm never comin back I got to tell you now

this time I'm gone

leavin you behind

so you could think it over

roll  rollin


I see my baby walkin the LA sky is growin and any onethat feel some, will feel that love is comin soon

her heart is like a goldmine she is glowin like a ..light and any oneone that follows will smile all day for you tomorrow

la la...

when ever she's out walkin the sun is always with her and the love inside you is just like her but do you feel it so are you worthy my girl ofcourse not in a free world and will never see her but you my friend will smile tomorrow

la la..

just mind my baby

I love her in my way now

she's glowing like a goldstar for all the time i wander around the world I hear her callin

so you could leave it on me to talk about her heart beat ...

lala, just mind my baby