A.Lundgren (Andreas Lundgren) 1969, Borås, Sweden.

Have no art education or named style. Maybe you can call his work art brut or outsider art, anyhow painting is a way where art meet meditation in Andreas work. 

Started to paint in 2000 for an exibition in Gothenburgh mixed with a release of "Grande Coctail Magic" An album that will be released 2021. 

The art involves music and paintings. 


Lundgren delivered his first album 1998 then:


2008-Bad Buddah

2012-Lovely Dream

2020-Sluta Aldrig Älska

2020-Alcoholic Cowboy

2021-Grande coctail magic

2021-Grande coctail magic "harbourhappiness 73"


He just started up another recording.

Nice to see you here and

here you have Andreas Lundgren

All pictures and tracks are copyrighted.


Ett offentligt tack till Ulf på Wahlström konst i Borås. Verkstaden där det ramas in med hela hjärtat.

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